Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Wedgwood Garden Center knows that curb appeal is an important factor that cannot be ignored when you are considering selling your home. There are so many homes for sale in the Hampton Roads market, and every seller and realtor is clamoring for that edge over the competition. Most people think only of the interior of the residence when selling a home, spending thousands of dollars on remodeling or updating kitchens and bathrooms; however, if the buyer never gets past the driveway all that money could be wasted. Ask any realtor and they can tell you that spending a few dollars landscaping your front yard and creating curb appeal can go a long way in drawing in potential buyers. Curb appeal can also make the difference in whether your open house is a success or a complete bust.

What Does Curb Appeal Say?

No one says that you have to forgo that kitchen update; that is also an important factor in home selling. However, buyers want to feel invited into your property. A pretty yard that is landscaped with freshly mulched flower beds and a pop of annual flowering plants says more than overgrown trees, untrimmed shrubs and dead plants. Curb appeal is easily achieved with a minor investment in your yard. Wedgwood Garden Center knows how to create a beautiful yard and has been serving the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Suffolk, in Hampton Roads, with high quality, economical landscaping services for over 50 years. Why not put your trust in their friendly staff to help you beautify your yard.

Create Curb Appeal – Not Spend A Fortune!

Wedgwood Garden Center offers a budget friendly service that will boost your curb appeal. Some of the services included in the packages include freshly mulching the flower beds, the clean-up and removal of dead and compacted plantings, clean-up of the yard, as well as mowing, bed definition (edging) and weeding, as well as applying a weed prevention product, pruning of shrubs and trees , adding shrubs and flowering annuals and more. You can contact Wedgwood Garden Center for a free estimate and their friendly and knowledgeable staff can direct you as to which Curb Appeal Enhancement Package is perfect for your property. With three budget friendly packages available let Wedgwood Garden Center give you the insight you need on how to boost your curb appeal and give your property that needed edge over other homes in your neighborhood. Remember, creating curb appeal is very effective in extending an invitation to potential buyers that says, “Come inside.” Don’t make the mistake of thousands of others sellers and ignore your curb appeal!

Contact Wedgwood Garden Center today and we will gladly schedule a convenient time to come out and take a walk through your yard with you and give you our professional recommendation as to what you need to create curb appeal for your property. Call us at (757) 587-4481 or (757) 427-3300 today.

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